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Name the nationality of this dish for a chance to win a $70 Travel voucher. 'Sheikh it UP' Remember to like the pic ^_^ & you can participate from wherever you are in the world


Diala Muraibia: Romania

06-Jan-2012 11:32:23 [GMT]

صبا مراد : ما بعرف بس شكله اسيوي يعني صيني

06-Jan-2012 11:48:49 [GMT]

zaatreh: مغربي

06-Jan-2012 11:56:42 [GMT]

narine balyozian: brazilian , i guess

06-Jan-2012 12:10:55 [GMT]

Lara Soufan: This is Brazilian national dish,called feijoada.

06-Jan-2012 12:24:04 [GMT]

obada ishrug laban: Brazilian national dish

06-Jan-2012 12:26:16 [GMT]

Hagop Qasabian: Brazilian dish.

06-Jan-2012 12:26:32 [GMT]

zaid asfour: feijoada,Brazilian national dish

06-Jan-2012 12:27:43 [GMT]

nino kennedy: Brazilian Fijuada (black beans, and pork meat) mainly they use for this dish cheap parts of a pig that they get from butcheries like the ears, nose..etc. This is the traditional poor man's dish in Brazil.

06-Jan-2012 14:12:33 [GMT]

mohamed abo issa: Feijoada Brazil's National Meal

06-Jan-2012 14:20:25 [GMT]

amal dahmoos: Brazilian dish

06-Jan-2012 16:36:48 [GMT]

زيد محمد بدري : البرازيل / الفيجودا

06-Jan-2012 17:17:29 [GMT]

Jacquelin Subhi: Brazil! Feijoada is the national dish in Brazil ^_^

06-Jan-2012 17:26:51 [GMT]

Beirg Butros: Traditional Brazilian dish called feijoada.

06-Jan-2012 17:30:41 [GMT]

Stephen Yacoub: Brazilian dish

06-Jan-2012 17:35:43 [GMT]

mohammad hatem: Feijoada Brazil's

06-Jan-2012 18:48:49 [GMT]

abd allah saeed: Brazil National Dish: Feijoada

06-Jan-2012 18:59:58 [GMT]

laila nicola: Brazil National Dish: Feijoada

06-Jan-2012 19:17:44 [GMT]

laith iz aldeen: feijoada,Brazilian national dish

06-Jan-2012 19:30:51 [GMT]

عز الدين حسين: Brazilian dish

06-Jan-2012 19:35:04 [GMT]

aicha: Brazilian dish

06-Jan-2012 20:14:20 [GMT]

aicha: Brazilian dish

06-Jan-2012 20:14:22 [GMT]

رولا شلهوب : Brazilian dish

07-Jan-2012 03:20:31 [GMT]

Bader Remon Halteh: Barazil dish

07-Jan-2012 03:55:26 [GMT]

yola dawwod: Barazil dish

07-Jan-2012 04:43:39 [GMT]

هيام زعاتره : Brazil National Dish: Feijoada

07-Jan-2012 04:44:33 [GMT]

Talin Musa: Brazil! Feijoada is the national dish in Brazil.

07-Jan-2012 05:55:52 [GMT]

loay toma: Barazil dish :-)

07-Jan-2012 06:28:27 [GMT]

diana awad: Barazil dish

07-Jan-2012 08:10:35 [GMT]

Travel Sheikh: Congratulations to عز الدين حسين - who guessed correctly - they won a Travel Voucher worth $70 - you can also win, stay tuned so we can 'Sheikh it Up & remember you can participate from wherever you are in the world ^_^

07-Jan-2012 08:34:50 [GMT]

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