Game of the Month: The WOOHOO Question Box!

What is the rate of the service?

This Game's Winner: Mai

Search and tell us the rate of the service for a chance to win a $70 Travel voucher. 'Sheikh it UP' Go to the link and answer there, Remember to like the picture ^_^ & YES you can participate from wherever you are in the world!!


Tanveer: 199 dhs

06-Aug-2012 10:01:37 [GMT]

John : 199 Dhs

06-Aug-2012 10:02:01 [GMT]

Rashid: 199 Dhs

06-Aug-2012 10:02:36 [GMT]

Irfan: AED 57.89

06-Aug-2012 10:05:09 [GMT]

Vivian Billeh: 199 dhs. no room is available at that date

06-Aug-2012 10:15:20 [GMT]

Travel Sheikh: Answers must be from website and in US Dollars :)

06-Aug-2012 10:23:13 [GMT]

S-Nopphakhit: 19.07 USD

06-Aug-2012 10:34:15 [GMT]

Thomas: USD19.07

06-Aug-2012 13:30:26 [GMT]

Umair: 19.07 USD

06-Aug-2012 14:13:53 [GMT]

Omer: 15.86 USD

06-Aug-2012 14:17:16 [GMT]

Khalfan: 19.07 USD

06-Aug-2012 14:19:26 [GMT]

zuha : $52.03

06-Aug-2012 19:55:51 [GMT]

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07-Jan-2014 21:19:32 [GMT]

Todd Mc: $19.03

06-Aug-2012 22:12:18 [GMT]

Jeramy Baxtrax: 19.03 USD.

07-Aug-2012 07:02:48 [GMT]

Parsiti: 19.03 USD.

07-Aug-2012 09:28:37 [GMT]

Mais Al-Ta'ee: 19.03 USD.

07-Aug-2012 09:49:50 [GMT]

Travel Sheikh: Congratulations to Mai - who guessed correctly "Travel Sheikh Quiz" ($19.03) - he/she won a Travel voucher worth $70 - you can also win, stay tuned so we can 'Sheikh it Up' & remember you can participate from wherever you are in the world ^_^

07-Aug-2012 14:39:37 [GMT]

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05-Aug-2014 17:12:15 [GMT]

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18-Jul-2014 22:02:07 [GMT]

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  4. * Fake emails and/or names will be disqualified; Travel Sheikh reserves the right to cancel any reservation without notification should the traveler's name doesn't match the gift voucher winner’s name.

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